Through co-ownership of yachts, all Yacht Club of the World yachts reduce the carbon footprint of yachting on the environment and the community.  Green Ownership reduces the demand for more yachts, allowing for shared usage of yachts that are otherwise owned by only one family.  This shared use better utilizes existing resources and inventory of yachts, to accommodate the needs of many families with each vessel.


Green Ownership provides for better utilization of existing yachts, with owners sharing the pleasures of each vessel, assuring more frequent use, versus the typical latent dormancy of yachts worldwide.  Through co-ownership of each yacht, the need for new yacht construction is reduced, thereby consuming less wood, plastics, metals, glass and other materials, that would further deplete our precious resources.  This conservation is passed on as marinas conserve more space and the need for new marina construction is reduced. 


With Green Ownership yachts are made more affordable to more families, sharing the cost of private yacht ownership, the crews, and the infrastructure that supports them. Due to the significant, maintenance budget shared by the co-owners, each Green Ownership yacht is more professionally maintained, with full-time staff and crew, facilitating more frequent inspections, assuring no deferred maintenance.  Each onboard crew member is dedicated to environmentally friendly operation, maintenance and management of Green Ownership yachts.  Green Ownership yachts are selected for their energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources.


The market for yacht sales expands with Green Ownership, creating a more liquid and affordable market for yachts, thereby helping to support underlying yacht values.  The ripple effect spreads with the greater demand better utilizing the limited supply.    


Each owner can be proud of owning a Green Ownership yacht, comfortable knowning that when aboard, he is doing more than his part in conserving our precious resources.


Yacht Club of the World is proud to provide Green Ownership yachts. 


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