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Priority Reservation System

Subject to tiebreaker rules, each owner has an equal right of possession of their Fractional Villa®. With this system, each owner is guaranteed a minimum number of weeks of use per year, assuring them their exclusive use of their property, for as much time as they would normally need and use a 2nd home, in any given year.  However, owners are not restricted on how often, or how much they can use their property.  


Fractional Villas® has developed a Priority Reservation System to achieve this (see example table below). This system allows each owner the right to use the property, anytime, subject to its availability.  Rather than utilizing a fixed schedule of weeks throughout the year, the Priority Reservation System is designed to allow each owner their desired schedule, while providing for a tiebreaker rule, should more than one owner wish to use the property at the same time.

Owners rotate their usage every week, forever, with each owner receiving a guaranteed right to use the property every 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the respective number of co-owners.  However, under our unique reservation system, any owner can use the property, anytime they want.  If two or more owners wish to use the property at the same time, then the Priority Reservation System determines which owner has the highest priority for that specific week.  

Note, the table below illustrates how each owner's Priority Reservation Number progresses from right to left, in higher priority each week, before starting over again, forever.  In this example, owner #1 is highlighted in red to help illustrate the progressive sequence from week to week.  The owner number farthest to the left for any given week, has the highest priority over all other owner numbers for that week. 

But, even if owner #5 has the 4th highest priority (see the second week illustrated below) for a particular week, and none of the owners with a higher priority for that week, e.g. #2, #3 or #4 wish to use the property, then owner #5 may reserve it.  In this example, owner #5 trumps the owners with a lower proirity for that specific week, e.g. #6, #7, #8 and #1.  

This system is very clear, removing any ambiguity or scheduling conflicts.  Any owner can forecast when they will have the absolute highest priority and plan their schedules accordingly, years in advance. Owners can even swap weeks with other owners to best fit their schedules, or combine multiple weeks for longer stays.  The Reservation Concierge manages all reservations for each villa, assuring a pleasant and well coordinated experience for all of the owners.

Also, see our alternate Fixed Monthly Usage System below.

Fixed Monthly Usage System

Fractional Villas®  Alternate Fixed Monthly Usage System

Certain Fractional Villas®  utilize another scheduling system, wherein each owner purchases and receives an absolute exclusive right to an entire month of use.  This system is designed for those that need a longer term, second home, rather than a short vacation getaway.  "Snowbirds" can escape the cold winter months to their tropical villa in January or February, while families with children can escape the heat of the summer to their beach villa, for the entire month of July or August.  Pricing is adjusted based on the popularity of the season for each villa, assuring a fair and equitable cost per undivided fractional interest.  Owners with greater flexibility, can purchase the fringe months, such as April or October at a discount when compared to the cost of the prime months.   

If our Fixed Monthly Usage System works for you, then you will truly be buying the "best slice of the pie".

For more information on this system please see Pricing Please refer to the specific pricing for each individual Fractional Villa®  for verification of which system that property utilizes.

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