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Fractional Ownership Real Estate by Fractional Villas - The leader in luxury fractional ownership properties in the best resort locations worldwide. Use your vacation villa anytime! Share the ownership costs with a deeded equity interest.

Fractional ownership of dream vacation homes.

  MountainFractional Ownership Real Estate. Luxury fractional ownership properties in the world's best locations. Use it anytime! Share the costs. Deeded equity interest. Villas

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Fractional Villas® is proud to provide Green Ownership® homes. 

   So, what is Green Ownership?

   Through co-ownership of second homes, all Fractional Villas® reduce the carbon footprint of housing on the environment and the community.  Green Ownership® reduces the demand for more living units, allowing for shared usage of second homes that are otherwise owned by only one family.  This shared use better utilizes existing resources and inventory of homes, to accommodate the needs of many families, thereby conserving land use, while reducing the need for new construction and helping to eliminate the need for further deforestation.  Green Ownership® provides for better utilization of the existing infrastructure, without creating any additional burden upon local schools, roadways, sewer, or water systems, beyond what the home was already permitted for.

   Green Ownership® allows for better utilization of existing second homes, assuring "warm pillows" (versus cold-unused homes) and creating more frequent use of each property, for longer stays, thereby helping to stabilize local employment needs, with less peaks and valleys to workforce scheduling.  This stabilization, in turn, enhances the local economy and wage base.  

  With Green Ownership® second homes are made more affordable to more families, sharing the cost of private home ownership.  The market for home sales is expanded with Green Ownership®, creating a more liquid market for area home sales, thereby helping to support the underlying real estate market values.  

   Due to the significant maintenance budget shared by the co-owners, each Green Ownership® home is professionally maintained, with weekly property inspections, assuring no deferred maintenance.  Green Ownership® homes use only organic and ecologically friendly cleaning products and recyclable consumables.  Green Ownership® homes always exhibit true pride of ownership to the community.

   Fractional Villas® coined the term Green Ownership® and leads the way in this evolution of the use and ownership of second homes around the planet!


Discover all of the benefits of fractional ownership.


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Each fractional ownership property listed herein, is separately owned. Fractional Villas® is neither the owner, nor the real estate sales broker of the properties. Each Fractional Villas® fractional ownership property is a separate offering. This is not a solicitation or offering for fractional ownership in those states where regulated. Fractional Villas makes no warranty express or implied as to the merchantability or legality of any fractional ownership offering herein.

The information contained on this website is believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge. The purchaser of any fractional ownership interest is solely responsible for verifying all information contained herein. Actual Fractional Villas® properties may vary in location, size, bedrooms, bathrooms, character, furnishings, equipment, fixtures, amenities and features. Certain photos featured within this website are for example purposes only. Unless expressly stated in the purchase or operating agreements of any property featured on this website, Fractional Villas is not the property manager, concierge, or scheduling agent, and shall not provide any services related thereto.

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   Fractional Villas®

FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP EQUAL OPPORTUNITY from California, to Nevada, Utah, Washington, Canada, Colorado, Florida, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Baja, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Caribbean, and dream resort locations worldwide.  Fractional real estate and fractional property ownership.

Fractional Ownership is Green Ownership.  Fractional Real Estate Ownership is good for the environment.  Green Ownership is created with co-ownership sharing the use of one property.

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