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Fractional Ownership Real Estate. Luxury fractional ownership properties in the world's best locations. Use it anytime! Share the costs. Deeded equity interest.

Fractional ownership of dream vacation homes.

  MountainFractional Ownership Real Estate. Luxury fractional ownership properties in the world's best locations. Use it anytime! Share the costs. Deeded equity interest. Villas


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 Why "fractional ownership"?

Annual use of a second home averages only about three to four weeks per year. Perhaps this is why only 70% to 75% of the income qualified households have yet to purchase a second home. Whole second home ownership with all of the cost and management worries just doesn't make sense!  

Fractional ownership is a pragmatic and affordable approach to second home ownership.  Other than whole ownership of a vacation property, fractional co-ownership is the only form of deeded title that provides the true longterm investment benefits of property ownership.  Yet, for most vacation-home buyers, the decision to buy is based more on lifestyle choices and capturing the moment between when they have made it, and can still enjoy it with their family and friends!  

The demographics of the Baby Boom generation haven't changed and boomers still aspire to own a second home.  Boomers know the benefits of fractional ownership, and are rapidly claiming their stake of the second home dream.  

Fractional ownership provides you the opportunity to leverage your capital into a bigger, better quality property, in a better location, with higher quality finishes than you would probably otherwise settle for.  Why not have the best?  You've earned it and can now enjoy it, with as much getaway usage as you would with whole ownership.  No management worries.  No ongoing rental concerns when the property is not in use.  No more hotels.  No more crowded elevators, lobbys, or hot tubs. 

All of the benefits of ownership, with only a fraction of the upfront and ongoing costs!

 Second Home / Vacation Property Comparison.

By every comparison, Fractional Villas® are an excellent value, making the most second home ownership sense!  In the changing economic climate fractional ownership will continue to gain market share against whole ownership because it is a more practical choice in terms of affordability, value, ongoing expenses (without markup), hassle-free management, and usage.

Second Home 

Ownership Comparison

Fractional Villas® 

Whole Ownership





Guaranteed Access Days



Cost Per Day Of Stay


Very High


 By Reservation


Extended Vacations

Yes Yes

Weekend Getaways

Yes Yes

Last Minute Requests

Yes Yes


Deeded Ownership



Worry-Free Management



Upfront Out-of-Pocket Cost


Very High

Mortgage Financing



Annual Cost


Very High

Tax Benefits



Is co-ownership right for you?

* Based on 1/8th fractional ownership.  Other fraction denominations may provide more, or less guaranteed usage time. All usage of a Fractional Villa is subject to the rules of the Priority Reservation System.  Tax benefits of ownership will vary between owners.  Please consult your tax or legal expert for specific advice. The above comparisons are based on generically typical forms of legal whole ownership, and the Fractional Villas ®  ownership structure, for like-kind properties.

 Not a "timeshare" with a point system right to use.

ondo-hotel private residence clubs destination club destination resorts equity sharing timeshare exchange Exclusive Resorts Ritz Carlton Fractional Starwood Resorts Wyndham Resorts Intrawest Fractional Marriott Timeshare Resorts Four Seasons Quintess Condo Hotel CenterFractional ownership is not a miniscule timeshare interest with a limited right of use, based on fixed or floating weekly intervals, or a point based exchange system with no real equity.  Timeshares have traditionally been sold in "low-end" properties at a premium price far exceeding their underlying market value. 

As a Fractional Villas® owner you receive an undivided interest in your dream property as a tenant in common with a small group of other co-owners.  Not just a right to use a property, but real equitable ownership that historically appreciates over time. 

Fractional ownership offers you many investment, tax, and legal benefits in your own single-family estate property. It's not just a floor plan in a large condo, or hotel-like complex where you float from similar unit to unit on each visit, with sterile and often nailed down impersonal furnishings.  Your Fractional Villa will be your home away from home that you truly own and will return to year after year with your family and friends!

 Not a "private residence club" with no real equity.

San Diego Santa Barbara Newport Beach Rosarita Los Cabos Puerto Vallarta Cancun Mammoth Lake Tahoe San Francisco Napa Valley Las VegasFractional ownership is unlike the emerging and comparably very expensive "private residence or destination clubs" that typically do not offer an equity participation in a particular property, or worse yet, no equity at all, but merely the right to use the club's properties.  Buyers of these PRC's tend to be very affluent, making an emotional decision for a vacation lifestyle rather than one that makes true "dollars and sense".  

PRC's typically provide five-star hotel services, with a sense of "belonging" to the club for social interaction and relationships.  It's like staying in a resort hotel, except the "member" pays a significant upfront membership fee, and ongoing annual homeowner association dues, instead of renting by the night.  It's a nice lifestyle if you've got money to burn!

When you add up the effective cost per day on the annual fees, the cost of the unearned interest on your upfront and significant membership fees and the typical loss of 20%, upon the eventual repurchase or sale of your membership back to the club, you will realize PRC ownership calculates to many thousands of dollars per day of actual use!  If you cannot enjoy the upside equity potential, then why not just rent the equivalent properties for less than the effective computed cost per day?  

With only a right to use, these "private residence clubs" are effectively a prepaid hotel use at more cost per day than it would typically cost to rent the same quality properties outright.  Before you sign on the dotted line, you should know the difference between equitable real estate ownership and spending a large amount of money on a prepaid, non-equity residence/resort club with a "right to use only" or a diluted pooled equity scheme where the developer is making all of the upside profit at your expense.  As they say, "buyer beware".  Many of these private residence clubs have already gone bankrupt, leaving their members with nothing to show for their investment!  With Fractional Villas® you will have a deeded interest in a real property that will always have its underlying market value, despite the market for the "vacation club du jour"!

Don't be left without the real benefits of property ownership cloaked in a private residence club, unless of course you can afford to throw your savings away and miss out on the upside investment potential.  These days, protecting your assets is more important than ever.


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Each fractional ownership property listed herein, is separately owned. Fractional Villas® is neither the owner, nor the real estate sales broker of the properties. Each Fractional Villas® fractional ownership property is a separate offering. This is not a solicitation or offering for fractional ownership in those states where regulated. Fractional Villas makes no warranty express or implied as to the merchantability or legality of any fractional ownership offering herein.

The information contained on this website is believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge. The purchaser of any fractional ownership interest is solely responsible for verifying all information contained herein. Actual Fractional Villas® properties may vary in location, size, bedrooms, bathrooms, character, furnishings, equipment, fixtures, amenities and features. Certain photos featured within this website are for example purposes only. Unless expressly stated in the purchase or operating agreements of any property featured on this website, Fractional Villas is not the property manager, concierge, or scheduling agent, and shall not provide any services related thereto.

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Fractional Ownership Real Estate is good for the environment.  Green Ownership is created with co-ownership sharing the use of one property.

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